Hepatitis C Research Fund for a cure

NEWS! We provided the seed money for a medical study that just received an NIH grant of OVER $1.08 MILLION,
multiplying our contribution 30 times! This is our mission - SEEDING NEW RESEARCH TO FIND A CURE

Greenview Hepatitis C Fund

Hepatitis C Research Fund

Advancing Research to Fight Hepatitis C

Since 2006, the Greenview Hepatitis C Fund has been supporting research to improve treatment and find a cure for this disease while educating the public about treatment options. Our efforts have already advanced research at the prestigious University of Michigan by providing seed money to fund research leading to much larger grants.

The #1 Cause of Liver Transplants

Over 15,000 people a year in the U.S. and over 350,000 world-wide die from complications due to Hepatitis C, including healthcare workers and people who received blood transfusions before 1992. About 150 million people world-wide are chronically infected with the virus. Many don't know they are carrying it until major symptoms of liver damage or cancer appear. Other complications from the Hepatitis C virus include cirrhosis and liver failure.

Boost the Impact of Your Contribution

The HepCFund is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your tax-deductible1 contribution will help finance medical research necessary to find new treatments and develop a cure. By providing seed money for new research that forms the basis of large grants, we can boost the effect of your contribution far beyond what you give.

Hepatitis C Fund Research Fund Youtube Channel
Hepatitis C Fund Research Fund Youtube Channel

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1See a qualified accountant for tax advice.

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